Julie DeAtley, BS, RTR, CVT, RMA, AAPC, CoxHealth

My name is Julie DeAtley, and I have worked in Interventional Radiology and the Cardiac Cath Lab for 25 plus years. A total knee ended that part of my career, but I went on to become a medical coder for Cardiology and Interventional Radiology for Citizens in Bolivar, and I am now coding for Cox Medical Centers. I want you to know that medical coding is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. With all my medical experience I can read report after report and understand every word. I know what they did, how they did it and what they used. With that being said – I know there are coders here that can spit CPT codes or ICD-10 codes out faster than I can write them down. But do you know what it is you are coding? What is the procedure, how do they do it, why do they do it? I want to take you back behind the codes and show you just what you are coding. I want to share my knowledge with you so you can see the big picture – and the amazing things that take place in the world of the unknown.