Title: President, Co-Founder
Employer: TopGun Audit School, LLC

Ernie de los Santos is an optimist and author, Co-founder of the Non-Profit Top Gun Audit School, founder of Appeal Academy, Host and creator of Finally Friday! LIVE, and Executive Director of the Council for Certification of Medical Auditors, Inc. Ernie created Top Gun Audit School in early 2019 to promote his vision of a healthcare system where you can wake up every morning excited to go to work because you get to be part of helping people in need of healthcare, feel your job is secure, and go home fulfilled at the end of every day. He founded Appeal Academy and Finally Friday! LIVE in 2011; and continues to produce bi-weekly free webinars on process improvement and regulatory compliance – now numbering over 230 free webinars. Prior to entering the healthcare industry in 2006, he spent over 20 years in research and development of new business models and production processes, working on projects for Fortune 100 corporations, including Coca-Cola, Kodak, SONY, Panasonic, MCI, US Sprint and the International Olympic Committee. He holds degrees in Archaeology, Computer Science, and Marketing.