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Attendees will hear about security in a cloud computing environment. The presenters will lay out the pros and cons of cloud computing, go into hidden costs involved with securing a cloud environment, and discuss some of the pitfalls from a regulatory and legal landscape and things that can be done to evade those issues. Finally, they will go over access controls and data protection in a cloud environment.

As we move forward with technologies, there are some trends that seem to move to the forefront of technology. Cloud based applications have been around for over a decade now and it appears that they are here to stay. With that, the securing of data in a cloud-based world is imperative to the healthcare industry. Is it safe to place PHI in the cloud? What about access control? Is encryption available? What about monitoring?

Scott Ruthe and Daniel Sergile will move through the murky and sometime perilous waters of healthcare in the cloud. With their 40+ years of combined security experience we will look at different critical issues and ideas for securing a cloud-based application. Not only from the risk perspective, but the additional costs involved with securing your critical health data in the cloud.


Daniel Sergile


1.0 – Clinical Data Management

Date Published

December 13, 2018