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Published: January 23, 2020


Previous attempts at integrating cybersecurity within the entire healthcare staff—particularly in hospitals—remains insufficient and inconsistent. To quickly react and proactively move to changing needed security standards and practices, healthcare security must go beyond simple policy enforcement.

Our proven concept revolves around a comprehensive experience and story-based training, consisting of both end user training, practice and marketing tools to communicate and create awareness. Most previous attempts at improving cybersecurity programs have been focused on the impact of data loss and addressing the importance of establishing user awareness, yet few programs actually integrate training applied to common user risks, with experiential-based learning. Bottom line: we learn better when we learn from our mistakes.

The significance of this research helps identifies if and how much peer influence promotes learning from current phishing, social engineering scams, and attempts to penetrate hospital networks. This learning approach also adapts to an ever-changing security climate to safeguard users from malicious attacks and promotes behavior change among very diverse staff demographics.


Bruce McCully

A farm boy from Northern Michigan and self-professed computer nerd, Bruce McCully is one of the nation’s leaders in network cybersecurity. Committed to educating those outside of the IT industry on security threats and best practices, Bruce engages crowds with his energetic, passionate, and charmingly nerdy demeanor. He has become one of the nation’s leading keynote presenters on security by constructing impactful dialogue on security and threats plaguing organizations.

Through hands on demonstrations, showing how exactly cyber criminals work in the real world, to heartening stories of cyberattacks in rural hospitals and clinics, Bruce involves and inspires audiences—from tech wizards to average computer users.
With a passion to make cybersecurity accessible and interesting to all workers, Bruce founded Dynamic Edge, a leading cybersecurity and IT support firm based in Ann Arbor that develops and deploys enterprise-grade solutions tailored specifically to the needs and activities common in the modern workplace.

As a frontline defender of corporate networks, Bruce’s keynotes are continually updating and evolving with the latest examples in the ever-changing attack landscape. Previous appearances include national and local news, state, and nation-wide events and forums.

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