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This workshop will offer a hands-on experience analyzing healthcare data. Attendees will use MS Excel, the R statistical software package, and Tableau to prepare, describe, and visualize large healthcare datasets. Data will be analyzed in MS Excel using intermediate and advanced functionalities that will help improve the efficiency and accuracy of an analysis. The R statistical software package is an open source platform that utilizes a scripting language to analyze and visualize data. Tableau is data visualization software and attendees will learn how to create interactive summaries and dashboards. Ultimately, attendees will learn how to leverage cost-effective tools for preparing and visualizing data. At the conclusion of the workshop attendees will have greater confidence analyzing healthcare data with cost-effective tools to transition data into information for key stakeholders.

We encourage you to have MS Excel (preferably 2013 and above).


David Marc, PhD, CHDA
Ryan Sanderfer, PhD



8.0 – Technology


Date Published

January 7, 2019