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This timely presentation delivers an update of the most important healthcare privacy and security rule / guidance regulatory changes, including but not limited to, HIPAA. The session also covers some evolving best practices that address these rule changes. The presentation is intended to impart a large volume of information about the rapidly changing regulatory privacy and security environment in a relatively short time frame with comprehensive slide content usable by attendees after the presentation as they adopt and train others on these subjects. Mr. McLendon is well known for condensing and simplifying the complex presentation content into easily learnable points with his signature delivery style.

Course Objectives

Attendees will leave the course understanding:

  • The latest HIPAA privacy and security rules and guidance issued by Office for Civil Rights.
  • Best practices that have are being used to operationally manage privacy and security compliance in light of recent changes.
  • Up to date information about the OCR Phase 2 audit program, including useful tools created by Mr. McLendon for use in audit learning and preparation.
  • Recent OCR guidance on privacy and security topics.
  • Recent examples of privacy, security and breach hot cases, used to illustrate enforcement focus.


Kelly McLendon, RHIA, CHPS
Managing Director CompliancePro Solutions

Kelly McLendon, RHIA, CHPS has been a HIM practitioner for over 38 years and was awarded the 2015 ‘Innovator’ Triumph award. Kelly is a founder of CompliancePro Solutions. He has received numerous other awards, has published a tremendous number of articles and professional references, including a book about legal health records. He also has authored privacy and security curriculums for Associates, Baccalaureate and Masters level colleges and universities


1.0 – Privacy and Security

Date Published

February 8, 2018