EMHIMA | How to Balance and Understand COVID-19 Information For Your Life

“I look forward to sharing with you, my knowledge and practical experiences on work life balance, on what has worked for me and what changes I have had to make in order to arrive at where I am today, from where I was.” -Preethi


Since we are not able to meet in person for the remainder of 2020, the eMHIMA Board of Directors have created an online event for your convenience.

  • Effective People Skills in Healthcare
  • Face Masks at Work, Six Feet Distancing, and the Home Life-Remote
  • Work Balance: Tips for Making the Changed Work Environment More Productive and Less Stressful
  • Leadership Influence in a COVID-19 Modified Work Environment

Our work lives have become a 24 hour round the clock job. We are expected to be fully present, “on-call,” both online and offline, nearly all the time. Knowing how to maintain balance between our work lives, home lives, volunteer jobs, and for some, church lives, can result in peace of mind, job satisfaction, financial stability, and finding joy in living, day in, day out.

Pay attention to how you handle the first two minutes of your early waking hours. It’s about working smarter, not harder. Spend more time preparing, less time repairing. Learn how to say “no.” Learn the art of running your smart phone, so that your smart phone does not run you. Delegate. Write down your goals- the night before. It’s not compiling, but completing tasks that will help you to manage your activities. Make physical exercise a priority. Introduce meditation into your daily routine. Unplug.

Yes, work-life balance is an art, that any one can master.

Date Published:

June 1, 2020


4.0 – Organizational Management and Leadership


Preethi Fernando

Preethi Fernando is the author of nine books. Her latest book is titled The War Against COVID-19 and the Road to Recovery. She is the winner of Stephen King’s Haven Foundation Award. Her website is preethifernando.com.


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