• 1 Lesson

    MSHIMA | A Comprehensive CDI Update 2021: Exploring Changes to the Outpatient and Inpatient CDI Landscape in the COVID-19 Era

    Sessions Include: 1) Outpatient Office E&M changes for 2021: Getting Back to the Basics of Communication of Patient Care; 2) Effective Physician Documentation: Working Smarter Not Harder; and 3) Coding for COVID-19: 2021 Codes and Guidelines
  • 1 Lesson

    MSHIMA | Evaluation and Management-The Standard of Physician Documentation

    Most hospitals and health systems have invested in Clinical Documentation Improvement Programs in the inpatient setting, now migrating to the outpatient arena. Most recently the professional associations representing the CDI profession have elected to change the name from Clinical Documentation Improvement to Clinical Documentation Integrity. With the name change to Clinical Documentation Integrity, current CDI processes must adapt to actually make headway in achieving real measurable meaningful sustainable integrity in physician documentation that supports both quality of care as well as hospital optimal net patient revenue with preservation. The word “Integrity” in CDI requires CDI to recognize the medical record as a Communication Tool versus a Reimbursement Tool.
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    MSHIMA | RHIA Prep Course – July 9, 2022

    <p>This course will walk students through the RHIA domains and tips and strategies for successful completion of the RHIA exam. It will be taught by Dr. Jude Haney.</p>
  • 4 Lessons

    MSHIMA | September 2021 CCS Bootcamp

    <strong>CCS Bootcamp, part 1</strong> Laura Little, RHIT, CCS 3.0 – Data Structure, Content and Information Governance <strong>CCS Bootcamp, part 2</strong> Lorie Mills, RHIT, CCS 3.0 – Data Structure, Content and Information Governance
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    MSHIMA | Trends in Medical Necessity Denials

    <p>Whether by the U.S. Congress or the Mississippi Legislature, there are many rules and regulations in place clearly defining the working relationship between Mississippi healthcare providers and health insurers. But one aspect of the relationship that is unregulated is the issue of what constitutes medically necessary care for purposes of health insurance reimbursement.</p>
  • 5 Lessons

    MSHIMA | Turbo CDI Workshop

    We will be utilizing our deep experience and breadth of knowledge in novel approaches to CDI that produce real improvement in physician documentation, sharing with attendees 12 separate presentations using an interactive approach to learning.